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Optimizing Your
Digital Transformation

You must be aware of the benefits of moving to the cloud, including cost reduction and IT system management. Rather than investing in expensive infrastructure partnering up with a cloud service provider is way more rational. At tekAssembly, we help you with your storage needs and find the most suitable cloud solution for your enterprise. With seamless cloud storage, managing the data with the latest technologies such as hybrid cloud models and cognitive computing will help you to build a complete, security-rich solution that creates new value for your business.

Perks of Moving To The Cloud


Reduces IT Costs

Moving to the cloud will save your budget of investing in company-owned infrastructure. Let us be your cloud computing partner and, let's work towards optimizing costs together.

Allows Scalability

Scale-up as quickly as your requirements change. We allow flexibility and saving you from expensive upgrades and freeing you up to focus on principle business.

Easy Collaboration

Collaborate on projects with virtual workplace and give your business the ability to share information worldwide with just one click.

Cloud Platforms Suiting To Enterprise Needs


Looking for the most secure environment for operating on the cloud Embrace the most advanced platform that ensures high levels of security within the cloud environment. Coupled with our expertise, Azure will protect you with tools including, Threat Intelligence, Advanced Threat Analytics, Azure Information Protection, and Multi-Factor Authorization.

Google Cloud

Opt for the most cost-efficient platform for your enterprise needs. Google Cloud Platform will help you accelerate your business with a competitive pricing advantage with enhanced cloud hosting performance. Get the benefit of live migration with a strong google network and move to GCP now.


AWS provides an end-to-end approach which secures and hardens your infrastructure. Leverage AWS tools for auto-scaling, elastic load balancing, your application can scale up as per your requirements. tekAssembly will help you to take your enterprise to AWS for better accessibility of resources whenever you need them.

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